Isla Jechica Marina and Shelter, Patagonia Aysén, Chile
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Aysén region, 44º25’ S and 73º51’ W

Isla Jéchica, with a surface area of 7,200 hectares (17,790 acres), is in the heart of the channels that cross Chile’s Patagonia. It is part of the Guaitecas Archipelago, which is comprised of the islands located to the north of the Los Chonos Archipelago in the country’s Aysén Region. The municipal capital is the port of Melinka, the most important settlement in the archipelago.

How to reach Isla Jechica:

Take an international flight to Santiago, Chile, and transfer to one that takes you to Puerto Montt (1.5 hrs.).

From there, a local flight mustbe taken to Melinka (1 hr.), where our boat will be waiting to take you to Isla Jéchica (3.5 hrs.), navigating along the channels as you enjoy the Patagonian landscape.