Isla Jechica Marina and Shelter, Patagonia Aysén, Chile
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Isla Jéchica offers a variety of excursions, some more demanding than others, because the best way to get to know a place is to live it. By walking through its magical landscapes, visitors will be able to enjoy nature and to observe the different species of flora and fauna that live on the island.


2 hrs.

The walk begins at the clubhouse and heads northwest. Following an estuary, walkers enter thick woods that begin to disappear a bit at a time before eventually revealing a log footpath that leads to the lake. Some of the bird species that live in this part of the island can be seen on this excursion, as well as different types of millennial forests and peat bogs.


MIRADORES - Level: Easy

4 hrs.

This excursion leaves the clubhouse and heads toward the lake, where it takes a detour and begins to climb toward the lookout points. The 360° view of the landscape compensates all efforts made.


Cerro Jéchica - Level: Demanding

5 hrs.
Height: 280mts

The adventure begins at our marina, where you take a boat across the Chulle Estuary to the opposite side of the island, and then begin hiking up the hill (2 hrs.), which offers a panoramic view of the entire area. Walkers regain their strength with a refreshing picnic before walking back down the hill to return to the lodge.


CANAL SKORPIOS - Level: Intermediate

4 hrs.

A boat is taken across Lake Jéchica after walking there from the clubhouse. On the other side of the lake the walk continues along a path that leads to a beautiful beach in Skorpios Channel. This is the time to rest and to enjoy an generous picnic specially prepared for the walkers. A boat waits to take people back to the lodge, though those who were energized by the picnic h


ESTERO NALHUELA -Level: Intermediate

4 hrs.

The excursion leaves from the marina, departing in kayak to the end of the bay (40 minutes). You continue on foot through forests and peat bogs until reaching the other side of the island (1 hr.), where a delicious picnic will be offered. To return you can choose to walk and row back to the lodge, or else get on a boat that will take participants back via the beautiful Skorpios Channel.