Isla Jechica Marina and Shelter, Patagonia Aysén, Chile
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We invite you to take a break from the rat race and to embark on an unforgettable experience that will take you to a natural sanctuary in the heart of the Chilean Patagonia.

Isla Jéchica is a unique place where nature remains in a primitive state. You will discover the pleasure of silence in this exuberant evergreen paradise that was home to native people and is surrounded by channels for adventurous navigators and explorers.

Isla Jéchica Marina y Refugio is a pioneering nature conservation project that combines tourism, navigation and ecology. The facilities merge with the unique natural landscape, where the deep blue of the waters merges with the intense green of the forests.

Enjoy the colors of nature in the comfort and simplicity of Isla Jéchica Marina y Refugio, a special destination for those who want to get away from the noise and return to the origins of silence in faraway lands.