Isla Jechica Marina and Shelter, Patagonia Aysén, Chile
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Isla Jéchica reflects the biodiversity of Chile’s Patagonia in both the amount and variety of the animal and vegetable species found only in this area.

The evergreen forest is abundant in Patagonia’s coastal regions, thanks to the temperate rainy climate. Jéchica Island’s unique vegetation includes the sphagnum peat bogs, ancient accumulations of organic material derived from the growth of sphagnum moss over the course of time. These are unique ecosystems that contribute to biodiversity and the water cycle, in addition to acting as carbon sinks.

Visitors will be able to discover and admire the area’s native species as they walk along the different paths, such as the Guaitecas cyprus (Pilgerodendron uviferum) Chiloé coigues (Nothofagus nitida), Chilean fire bush (Embotrium coccinium) and mañío (Podocarpus nubigena), among others.
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